Self-loathing; brevity

Hello again.

I thought I’d pop back in for one more quick post, as we near the end of our time together. Because I’m sure you’re as eager as I am for me to double back home to lovely (read: nepotistic) Connecticut, I give you the Fairfield University library podcast. Like Arizona State’s “Library Minute” series, most of these are designed to advocate and explain the library’s various services. Where ASU was puzzling, however, Fairfield is a veritable wunderkammer of “what is going on here?” To wit:

  1. The two formats that podcasts are distributed in are iTunes and RealPlayer. There is even a friendly link to download the latter, in case you uninstalled it in 1999.
  2. Various journal databases (e.g. Academic OneFile) have been personified via some dress-up doll software, with the resultant image posted alongside the relevant podcast link.
  3. Each of these podcasts are presented as an interview with the particular database.
  4. Rather than the blogroll used by most podcasts we’ve seen up to now, these are just up and listed on one very long page. It might’ve been updated last week, or two years ago.

Fairfield, I think I love this. I haven’t any idea what it is or how it happened.


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