Hello world!

Do you like podcasts?

I do.

I sure didn’t think I would! I don’t like iPods or a whole lot of talk radio, so my chances weren’t the greatest.

Once upon a time, though, it came to pass that I wanted something other than music to fill my daily commute – trying to juggle my netbook on the bus in order to read some previously-opened New Yorker articles notwithstanding as a solution.

It occurs to me, of course, that this is yet another way of me trying to make my day even more hyper-efficient. Inasmuch as I’d rather get the news through a healthy filter of sarcasm in time that I’d previously spent listening to music and daydreaming —

— have you heard David Sedaris’ radio voice? Really, have you?

I know he jokes about not being able to understand why people pay to go see him, but, really, I don’t know why people pay to go see him. He got started doing live recordings on NPR’s This American Life, and the written word has only ever been a comedown since then.

But I digress. What I’m trying to say is that, as somebody who intrinsically fears efficiency in spite of pursuing it with a neurotic vengeance, and as someone who is intrinsically too cheap and too DIY-obsessed to ever buy a “pod” preceded by a lower-case vowel of any shape or size, I think that “podcasts” are a pretty snappy coinage, and I really enjoy listening to them on my off-brand phone, with my off-brand headphones and my off-brand 8GB microSD card (which I think I paid twelve dollars for).

Because I am an aspiring librarian, and because I’ve already knocked out a solid half of my other interests above, this blog is going to be devoted to library podcasts. I am going in blind, expecting the worst; after all, I treasure these things for their anecdotalism, and librarians, bless their hearts, often have every reason to put forth an impartial, informative dispatch.

None of this matters.


Oh, and before I forget — in case you were wondering about the faux-German title, you should know that I did my undergrad in linguistics. All English-native linguists think that German is absolutely hilarious. I do too.


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  1. Eric (Broseph) said

    German is kind of awesome and I wish that I had taken more than three years of it in high school (could have taken five!)

    Also this is a neat blog! I’ve found that lately, I prefer listening to podcasts (or talk radio, as long as talk radio is defined to mean Loveline recordings from 1999 to 2004) over music. I will be keeping up with this!


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